POuL (Politecnico Open unix Labs) is a free and non-profit Politecnico di Milano students association.

Established in December 2001 by ten founders, the association has the following principles:

  • Contribute to the the development of the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and the Open Formats
  • Promote the diffusion of FOSS applications into the University system instead of proprietary applications
  • Organize conferences, workshops and various other events to promote the principles of the Association, and to catalize the creation of new ideas
  • Publish written material, in various forms, to share knowledge in the open
  • Open channels of communication with other associations and organizations that share our principles, to build a better world together
  • Keep growing a culture which favours the direct experience, the freedom of information, the meritocracy, and the rejection for any form of authoritarianism or discrimination based on race, colour, gender, religion and social class

Further info:

POuL con Zimmermann