On reading things, the Internet and information overload:

Sometimes I think my job one day will not be to be a developer but just some sort of “information processor”.

Although I’ve been using the Java virtual machine for different projects in the last years, I’ve been using three different languages running on it: Java, Groovy, Scala.

Every time there is some sort of switch from a methodology/paradigm to another one. Recently I began using PostgreSQL, although I’ve always used MySQL in the past.

I do *not* regret learning PostgreSQL, but I don’t always have all of the time to sit down and read all of the documentation, I often have to google and get some gotchas. I hate it. I hate it even more when gotchas aren’t properly explained.

And there comes information overload: Slashdot, HackerNews and other websites I follow: today I ended on another interesting website, full of nice infographics, and my first instinct was:

save ALL  the images!But then I stopped, and thought: what’s the point?

I’ll be storing this images somewhere in my hard disk (and in my Dropbox folder) and I will probably forget about it.

So how is an individual supposed to handle all this information overload?

When I first got my new laptop and a fixed-price broadband Internet connection, I had a similar “crisis”: all of a sudden I had access to tons of software I couldn’t access before, and tons of ebooks. I downloaded gigabytes over gigabytes (and I burned so many DVDs my brand new laptop’s dvd burner broke).

I have overcome that crisis, but this is somehow subtler.

So I’m wondering: what’s the point of saving data? What’s the point of downloading eBooks?

As I type these questions I actually realize these aren’t the actual questions.

The actual question is: how is an individual supposed to handle all this information overload ? There’s literally more knowledge than we can handle (specially if we want to have a life besides computer).

What’s the answer? I don’t know.